Schedules and Material List

2019 Workshops
Jan. 21 to 23
Chinese painting and Watercolor

Yuma, AZ

  Judy Wright
(406) 531-7339
Jan. 28 to Feb. 1
2 days Chinese painting 3 days Watercolor

Centers for the Arts Bonita Springs

  (239) 495-8989
Feb. 2

Zephyrhills Art Club
Zephyrhills, FL

  Joyce Owens
Feb. 4 to 6

Sea Oats Gallery
St. George Island, FL ,

  (850) 927-2303
Feb. 12 to 15

Southern Arizona Watercolor Guild
Tucson, AZ

  (520) 440-6977

Feb. 18 to 21
2 days Chinese painting and 2 days Watercolor

Perfect Palette at Virginia Beach
Chesapeake, VA
(Full, waiting list)

  Denise Dalia-Cooper
March 16 & 17
Chinese painting and Watercolor

Gainesville, FL

  Celia Burger
(319) 331-5588
March 18 & 19

Wildwood Community Center
The Villages, FL
(Full, waiting list)

  Julie McGlone
(352) 750-1068
March 27 to 29
Chinese painting and

Jacksonville watercolor Society
Jacksonville, FL

  Karen Zelenkov
(904) 614-4399
April 9 to 12

Lake Charles
(Full, waiting list)

  Nancy Melton
(337) 477-6784
April 24 to 26

Artensity Workshops
Ann Arbor, MI

  Debra Zamperla
May 8 to 10

Albany, GA

  Carole Gum
Mary 11 to 13

Brevard Watercolor Society Inc.
Melbourne, FL (Full, waiting list)

  Betty Whitmire
(407) 694-6879
May 19 to 22

Dillman’s Art Workshop Retreat
Lac du Flambeau, WI

  (715) 588-3143

May 28 to 31
June 1
Chinese painting


Oregon Society of Artists
Portland, OR

  (503) 228-0706
June 6 to 8

Santa Rosa, CA (Full, waiting list)

  Dan Fishman
July 20 to 22

Umpqua Valley Arts Association
Roseburg, OR

  Registration online or call and email
(541) 672-2532
July 26 to 28

Trilogy, Nipoma, CA (one space left)

  Kassidy Rugg
(805) 343-7502
Cindy Moreno
August 9 to 11

Rhode Island Watercolor Society (Full, waiting list)
Slater Memorial Park, 831 Armistice Blvd. Pawtucket, RI

  Sam Green
(401) 726-1876
August 12 to 15

InView Center for the Art
Landgrove Inn, VT

  (802) 824-6673
Sept. 6 to 8

Art Barn
Valparaiso, IN

  Sharon Angelina
(219) 462-9009
Sept. 12 to 14
    (360) 678-3396
Toll Free: (866) 678-3396
Sept. 16 to 18

Port Alberni, BC

  Elizabeth Yuen (Liz)
Sept. 21 to 23

Missoula, MT

  Dorothy Patent
Sept. 27 to 29
1 day Chinese Painting and 2 days Watercolor

Battle Creek Society of Artists, (Inspiration Art)
Battle Creek, MI

  Xenia Rose Shafer
Oct. 1 to 3

Louisiana Watercolor Society
David's Art center, New Orleans

  Louise Hansen
Oct. 11 to 13

Amber Palmer Workshop
Chico, CA

  Mind Vacation Watercolor Workshops
Amber Palmer
( 530) 899-8401
Oct. 16 to 18

Central New York Watercolor Society
Utica, NY

  Jean Matuszewski
(315) 269-2725
Oct. 21 to 25
2 days Chinese painting and 3 days Watercolor

Cheap Joes' Art Stuff
Boone, NC

  Edwina L. May
Nov. 1 to 3

Falak Art Studio
Coppell, TX

  (972) 393-1539
2020 Jan.11 to 18
Watercolor Painting Vacation

Boca de Tomatlan (15 miles from Puerto Vallarta)
Jalisco, Maxico
(Early Registration with $100 discount)

  Robert Masla
(413) 625-8382
2020 April 23 to 26
Plein Air Watercolor

Red Rock Canyon, Calico State Park and Spring Mt. Ranch State Park
Las Vegas, NV (info on light weight and easy to carry sketching materials will be available upon signing up)

  Mind Vacation Watercolor Workshops
Amber Palmer
( 530) 899-8401

Workshop material List:

Chinese painting material:

Shuan Paper(rice paper):
One mature (sized) and 2 raw Shuan Papers (size approximately 30 inch x50 inch).
Four Chinese brushes from extra small to large.
One small bottle Chinese painting ink or Sumi ink.
Chinese painting colors (12 tubes in one set).

Feel free to bring all Chinese/Sumi painting materials you have. I will carry the above materials for those who need them. Students can purchase the Chinese painting material kit (include all materials listed above) for $35.00 or individual items in the workshop.

Note: If the workshop is Chinese painting only, also bring the following materials:
One plywood board or gatorboard size about 16"x23", a half-sheet watercolor paper,a large palette, a pencil, a hair dryer, a medium size water sprayer, an apron, a pare of scissors and one roll of white paper towel.

If the workshop is a combination of Chinese and watercolor paintings, these materials are listed under the "Others" at the Watercolor painting materials bellow.

To order the Chinese painting materials click Chinese Painting Materials

Watercolor painting material: Available in and Spokane Art Supply, Spokane, WA

Brushes: Synthetic and / or Black Velvet brushes.
Round - number 4, 6 & 8, get two of each, Pointed - number 2, 3, one or two of each
Flat - one or two ¼ inch (with wedge shape at end of handle for applying masking such as Windsor and Newton aquarelle brushes), two ½ inch and a 1 inch.

Colors (tubes):
Three tubes of the primary colors. One from each of the three groups of primary colors: Blue - Antwerp (Windsor and Newton), Prussian or Phthalocyanine Blue Red Shade (M.Graham &Co.); Yellow - Hansa, Azo Light (M.Graham &Co.), Windsor (Windsor and Newton), Arylide (DVP), Bumblebee or Aureoine (American Journey). Red – Pyrrol, Napthal (M.Graham &Co.), Winsor (Windsor and Newton), Joe's Red American Journey). Other similar primary colors are OK.

Half sheets (15"x22", or 16"x20") 140 lb Cold Press watercolor papers, Arches or Kilimanjaro, NO EXCEPTIONS. 5-day and 4-day workshop needs 3, 3-day workshop needs 2, 2-day workshop needs 2.

One large size palette like John Pike Watercolor palette (not little ones; large white color plate is OK).

Masking Fluid:
A new bottle of light colored art-masking fluid: Art Masking Fluid by U.S. Art Supply ( has it), Shiva Liquid Masque by Richson Mediums or Windsor and Newton's yellowish color masking are recommended. If Cheapjoes dose not have them buy from

One plywood board or gatorboard size about 16"x23" for taping down the half sheet size watercolor paper, Three small dishes for making color liquids, a roll of packing tape (not blue or yellow tapes), 2 sheets of graphite papers (transfer paper, erasable), a hair dryer, a medium size water sprayer (not little ones), a brush washer (a jar contains water for cleaning brushes), an apron, 2 sheets of tracing papers size about 15"x12", a pair of scissors, a B2 or #2 pencil, erasers and one roll of white paper towel. One tea spoon. If you can't blow the color liquids while painting, get a can of Compressed Gasduster from office supply store.

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